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Lionsgate set out to create a global social media event to promote The Hunger Games: Catching Fire across multiple social media platforms, and provide fans of the movie with never-before-seen access and interaction to the cast (Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth) and director (Francis Lawrence). 

Lionsgate reached out to social and digital marketing agency Digital Media Management, to help manage and execute this global social media event.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ‘Global Fan Day’ consisted of a series of individual social media-hosted events, taking place at campuses for Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and Facebook. 

As the events unfolded across the internet (and San Francisco Bay Area), the film’s official social media channels alerted fans where to visit in order to participate or watch their favorite stars chat in real time. 

Google + Hangout

The day began with a with meet and greet with top Google executives, a demonstration of Google Glass for talent, and a live “Global Google+ Hangout” moderated by Fandango's chief correspondent Dave Karger, and six fans from across the world. The hangout received over 100K video playbacks in its first day and is within the top 10 biggest G+ Hangouts of all time.

Twitter Take Over

Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson then headed off to Twitter where they participated in a Q&A with 300+ Twitter employees moderated by their head of Global Communications, Rachel Horwitz. After the Q&A, Liam and Josh took over the official Hunger Games Twitter account and participated in a public global Twitter Chat with fans which resulted in over 30,000 concurrent tweets for #TwitterCatchingFire during the chat.


While Josh and Liam were at Twitter, Jennifer and Francis went to the Yahoo campus where Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer moderated a Tumblr Q&A and Fireside Chat in front of 800+ Yahoo employees. During the Q&A, Yahoo employees shared live photos and gifs of the event on Tumblr and the Fireside Chat at Yahoo was posted online shortly after the event.




The Catching Fire Global Fan Day culminated with Jennifer, Josh, Liam and Francis visiting the Facebook campus where they took pictures in front of the famous “Instagram Wall”, met with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and participated in a Q&A on Facebook Live. The Q&A was moderated by Mashable's Kurt Wagner and was held in front of 200+ Facebook employees and 100 lucky fans chosen by Lionsgate’s Catching Fire promotional partners. At the end of the 45 minute Q&A, we debuted the first exclusive clip to the film’s 11 Million+ Facebook Fans, which received over 1.5 million views on Facebook within 24 hours,  and talent signed autographs for fans.

The Result

This activity was picked up and shared by a number of influential online outlets, including, MTV and Fandango to name a few, as well as all the Hunger Games fan sites from around the world.

All of this activity helped the film and its related terms surge to over 120,000 mentions on Twitter, resulting in over 400 MILLION Twitter impressions and nearly 10 Worldwide Twitter Trends in a 24 hour period. As such, Global Fan Day was the most significant single day for social media activity for the film (later usurped only by the UK and US premieres, and film’s release), and one of the most-discussed movie digital marketing moments of 2013.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hit theaters on November 22nd, 2013 and broke numerous box office records for a November opening, and was the #1 movie in America two weeks in a row.

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